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Biweekly Meetings

Our Biweekly Meetings are our main events!

Every two weeks, P&A grad students kick back and get to know one another a little better over two of the world's finest things: pizza and beer. 

In an effort to get to know the city better, we regularly switch up to location!

Outings and BBQs

We're trying to do more outside these days, and BBQs have always been some of our favorite events!

At the beginning of each semester, these BBQs give us a chance to set phasors to "fun" before diving into another semester.

Holiday Events

While PandA GSA decidedly enjoys getting spooky on Halloween the most with a costume contest, themed decor, and more, we've got more than just tricks and treats.


We also host events for other major holidays to allow our brains to reset!

Annual Table Tennis Tournament

The Newest Addition to our Yearly Events!

Started on Spring 2023 we launched our first yearly table tennis tournament. It was held in the Physics, Astronomy and Interdisciplinary Science Building lobby with plenty of food to watch it all unfold. Stay tuned for this year's tournament where we will include professors as well! 

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